Department of Higher Mathematics


Doroshenko Volodymyr O.

Doroshenko Volodymyr O.
Dean of the Faculty of Information and Analytical Technologies and Management, Member of Academic Council, Member of EMC, Member of the Coordination Council of the NURE Alumni Association, Professor Department of Higher Mathematics, IEEE Senior Member, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

Education and Career

1977 – graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Department of Kharkiv State University (now – Kharkiv National University named by V.N. Karazin), speciality – Mathematics.
1977-1989 – engineer, a junior researcher, a researcher of the Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics (IRE) of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR (now – IRE of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine).
1989 – candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences.
1990 – senior researcher of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Natural Gases.
1991 – senior lecturer of the Department of Higher Mathematics of Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics, KhIRE, (now – Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, NURE).
1993 – associate professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics of KhIRE.
2006 – doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
2006 – professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics of NURE.
Since October 2006 – Dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Management (now – Faculty of Information and Analytical Technologies and Management) of NURE.

Educational activity

Lecture courses: «Analytical Geometry and Linear Algebra», «Mathematical Analysis». «Higher Mathematics». He has been giving mathematical discipline lectures to foreign students in English since 1999.

Research activities

Science interests: mathematical physics, mathematical modeling and computational methods, electromagnetic theory, antenna theory.

Science successes: mathematical approaches and methods for solving problems of monochromatic wave diffraction on unclosed perfectly conducting and impedance cone surfaces both, methods of mathematical modeling impulse excitation of complex conical structures, the excitation and wave diffraction theory for inhomogenous conical structures of special types.

He was one of the performers of state budget research projects: “Development of analytical and numerical methods for studying electromagnetic phenomena in active media” (order of the Rector No. 2kn dated 06.01.2001), “Investigation of the formation of pulsed fields by excitement of broadband antenna systems” (Joint Protocol for the MES number 2 dated October 30, 2001).

International activity 

2001-2002- executor of the joint project of research and technologies “Ukraine-Greece” with the University of Athens, Athens, Greece: “Formation of high-power pulse electromagnetic fields through the excitation of ultra wide-band antennas by relativistic electron beams”. Contract by the Resolution of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 312 of 13.04.01.

1999-2004 – member of the editorial board of the Journal of Applied Electromagnetism (the University of Athens, Athens, Greece).

Since 2006 – Senior member of IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society.

Social activities

He is a member of the Academic Council of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.
He is a member of two specialized councils (D.64.052.02 and D 64.052.03) for defending of candidate and doctoral dissertations.
Academician of the Academy of Science of Applied Radio Electronics.

State Awards

Diploma winner of the regional contest “Higher School of the Kharkiv Region – Best Names” 2000/2001.
The winner of the KhTURE competition «The best in the profession» in 1997/1998.
The winner of the competition “NURE – Best in the profession ” in 2003/2004.
Certificate of honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 2007.
IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society Diploma for Best Publication, 2008.
Excellence in education of Ukraine, 2009.