Department of Higher Mathematics



The Department of Higher Mathematics majors in:

► The development of algorithms for time-dependent electrodynamics problems on the basis of integral equations and their application (Prof. Nerukh Oleksandr G.).

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► Mathematical modeling for solving the problems connected with excitation of broadband and ultra wideband non-closed antennas as well as inhomogeneous ones (Prof. Doroshenko Volodymyr O.).

Science    Science

► The development of new teaching methods and their usage in distance learning (Prof. Klimova Natalya P.).

► Influence of heterogeneous Earth’s atmosphere on the accuracy of GPS measurements (Dr. Remayeva Olha O.).

► Stationary and non-stationary plasmons, their excitation and application (Dr. Stognii Nadiia P.).

► Mathematical methods for measuring the quality of measurements ( Dr. Botsiura Olesia A.).

► Development and research of models of identification of angular-velocity sensors in the system of motion control of a vehicle ( Ass. Nazarova Natalija V.).